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Small 3D Printed Frostfin Dragon

Small 3D Printed Frostfin Dragon

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These cute, small 3D printed dragons are stunning creations that combine artistry and functionality. Designed to bring joy and serve as a stress-relief companion, this dragon is a perfect gift for dragon enthusiasts and fantasy lovers alike. Each dragon is meticulously 3D printed with attention to detail, ensuring a smooth, durable structure. The articulated joints provide a range of natural movements, allowing you to pose and interact with your dragon in dynamic ways.

  • Includes one articulated dragon
  • Please note that as an item created through 3D printing, minor imperfections (ex. stringing, like you would see from a hot glue gun) may be present. However, rest assured that these imperfections do not compromise the dragon's overall quality, durability, or functionality.
  • Colors will vary from photos due to the nature of the filament when printing
  • Designs provided through subscription to Cinderwing and manufactured by C3 Gifts Boutique
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